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What I do | Ben Hurley Communications & Campaigns

What I do

Communications strategy
Media relations
Incident management
Content development
Telling your story

Communications strategy

Whether for a short, focused campaign or event or for the whole organisation’s two-year plan, I work with you to develop a communications strategy with clear objectives, core messages, target audiences and a detailed delivery plan.

There is a lot of talk nowadays of strategy before tactics. This is nothing new to people with campaigns experience used to a dogged focus on the end result and I have always described it as dealing with the questions before the answers. I like to start by asking “what are we trying to achieve and who do we need to influence to achieve it”?

Media relations support & guidance

Victoria Pendleton National Lottery Anniversary Run media dayIt is amazing how much media relations has changed since the start of my career when faxes, pagers and regular press conferences were the norm. However, while the technology and working practices continue to change, building positive, constructive and mutually beneficial relationships with the media is as important as ever. I work with you to help form, develop and navigate these relationships over the long-term.

Chris Hoy starting National Lottery Anniversary Run In the shorter-term I am able to offer media relations support with developing and implementing PR campaigns to achieve quality media coverage including: writing press materials and developing visual content, preparing for interviews, targeting media and organising media opportunities.

I am also potentially available on an interim basis for senior in-house roles requiring strategic input into the development of strategies, systems and teams.

Incident management strategy & support

Despite being an eternal optimist I’m a strong believer in preparing for the worst. In my experience of developing and implementing incident management communications strategy – a term I prefer to the slightly panicky sounding ‘crisis communications’ – on the rare occasions you need to apply your plan good preparation can help a mountain feel like a molehill. The process of creating a strategy also gets the whole team into good habits when dealing with incidents and issues that may in the first instance feel too small to involve your fully-fledged incident management processes.

I also provide support when dealing with incidents and issues, utilising my experience managing incidents alongside a wide-range of stakeholders during the construction of the London 2012 Olympic Park. My professional training in dispute resolution and mediation adds a useful additional perspective in the development of communications strategies and guidance for senior decision makers.

Communications training, mentoring & coaching

Whether for your in-house team, volunteers or members, I offer training in the whole range of communications skills development from planning a campaign through to giving media interviews. I am also experienced in mentoring and coaching management staff to support them in their day-to-day role and career development.

Developing content: words, pictures & film

London 2012 promotional imageI have written concise and clear copy on a huge range of subjects from pensions to parks for national newspapers, trade magazines, policy documents, planning submissions, annual reports, speeches, blogs, tweets and websites. I pride myself on distilling complex issues into easy-to-understand and powerful language.

I work closely with trusted and respected photographers In-Press to create the images tailored to the specific aims of a project, whether that is news coverage, profile pictures or the cover of a report.

I work with skilled film producers to create the b-roll, video-blogs and films that give your story and message impact across a range of media from TV to social media.

Telling your story

Staff portrait_090602_001Strong communications is about telling a compelling story. I help you get to the root of your story and tell it clearly. Part of this process is finding the people involved with your company, organisation or project who can tell your story in their own words. In the old days these priceless people were referred to as ‘case studies’ but the industry has moved on to describe this as a process of ‘storytelling’ – an aim and art in itself.

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